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Sabine Raves CEO of Cingulate Advertising & Marketing

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The Cingulate team is a multi-talented group of professionals who are dedicated to delivering optimal service. We have extensive marketing, advertising and digital experience. From Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Retail and Business to Business.

We live our values of integrity; open, honest communications with our clients; and never-say-die determination to give you the best solutions to your marketing challenges. Together with our experienced team, our goal is to create impactful, meaningful offline and digital campaigns that build your brand and give you the maximum return on your investment.

Sabine Raves 

Angelique Pretorius - Client Services Director of Cingulate Advertising & Marketing

So, what sort of name is "Cingulate"? It's quite clever, actually. It comes from the cingulate cortex, that part of the human brain that controls rational and emotional functions. Because consumers are human, they buy for both rational and emotional reasons. That's why great communications appeal to both the heart and the mind.

We believe that Emotion + Reason = Sales. We harness the logic and coherence of a sound strategy and balance it with the emotional power of breakthrough creative work. We find the synergy between the precision and focus of efficient project management and the positive impact of seamlessly integrated communications. Told you it was clever!!!

Angelique Pretorius
Client Services Director